We are the team behind Truly Batique, a mother and daughter duo based in Great Malvern. We started this journey to share our love for the arts - batik as well as to empower the lives of impoverished communities in Malaysia such as the indigenous tribal weavers in addition to small home-based female-led industries in small villages around Malaysia and its neighbouring countries. 



Loshini Bala

Loshini Bala is the founder of Truly Batique. She is of Indian ethnicity, born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2019 she decided to make the UK her home. She currently resides in Great Malvern, Worcestershire. She was inspired to start Truly Batique because of the famous skilled art form “Batik” that is made in Malaysia. Malaysia is home to a variety of Batik products from homeware to clothing. It has evolved through the years and has become very popular worldwide. Loshini sources all her products personally as she is well versed with various tribal communities, NGOs and charities in South East Asia.

Loshini graduated in Australia with a bachelors degree in Mass Communications. She later went on to get her second degree in Child Psychology. She worked in the corporate world for a good number of years heading small to medium industries and public listed companies in Corporate Communications, Customer Service and Public Relations. She left the working world to care and raise both her daughters. 20 years later, she decided to start her own small business to promote and support all the indigent artisan communities stricken with poverty in Malaysia and beyond. She also plans to promote and introduce Batik and Weaving as art forms to various art based organisations in the UK and the EU.  Her journey with Truly Batique will be nothing less than a meaningful and purpose filled one, she says.



Payal Ramesh

Payal is an aspiring medical student and surgeon. Payal is the youngest daughter of Loshini Bala (The founder). She is the creative brain of the business, managing the website, photography and the audio visual needs required for marketing on social media. 

She’s a strong feminist, advocating animal rights; a proud Vegan and PETA member. Payal adores all animals and various aspects of the sciences. Her hobbies include cooking, baking and experimenting with innovative gourmet dishes. Furthermore, she enjoys horse riding, singing, playing the Ukulele and Violin as well as reading historical and medical books. Payal is passionate about helping and empowering the impoverished communities, supporting them for a better future and quality of life.